Today’s mission - maintenance of mastodon server. Lasted about 20 days before running out of disk space.

Going to make a list of all the apps I use and try and score them against the things I value. Open (source? transparency?), federated (not controlled by a single entity, corporate or otherwise), ethical/human (respectful?). I suspect the vast majority at this point will score horribly. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are on the list. As is Youtube. And Netflix. And Spotify. Google Search. Google Drive. Google Calendar. I use Apple Photos and Apple News. Discord. 🤔

Thinking about it more, Mastodon reminds me of the old days of Fidonet. I never had my own personal node. I wanted one, but I was too young in the early 90's to afford my own phone line to host a BBS. Hosting my own mastodon instance that can federate from others in the network is rather nice.

Re-reading my blog post from 5 years ago ( and am hopeful that mastodon might be what I always wanted. :)

Since I have been interested in owning the content I generate (what little there is) for quite some time (I've dabbled over the years with stuff like and wrote a blog post on decentralisation a while ago, I decided to actually do something about it and practice what I (don't really) preach. So this is my private mastodon instance. As a society it feels like we're miles away from this being the norm, but this is important. It's how things should be. I hope it works out. is one server in the network